Komplementäre Wellness-Therapien



Enjoy luxurious, ultimate relaxation on our encapsulated Chirapsia lounger. This revolutionary device offers a relaxing full-body massage like you’ve never experienced before, in a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere.

The luxurious Chirapsia lounger features fifty layers of pulsating air cushions that press, knead and press like human hands on your shoulders, back, waist, legs and feet – all while you recline in optimal comfort rather than face down .

The multifunctional Chirapsia lounger also features built-in stereo speakers for surround sound from any portable device connected via Bluetooth and has a USB port and a wireless socket for charging devices.

The capsule table can perform an AI body scan to identify body size and shape to provide the best treatment.

Three wheels underfoot and surrounding airbags help relieve pressure and tension. Graphene on the back, waist and legs heats up quickly to relax muscles.

A variety of printing programs can be controlled via a 10.1-inch touchscreen or the quick control buttons on the armrest. A Zero Gravity setting provides a neutral position with the feet slightly higher than the head to distribute body weight evenly and reduce pressure on the spine and joints.


  • 50 Lagen pulsierender Airbags an Schultern, Rücken, Taille, Beinen und Füßen
  • Graphene Ultrafast Heat an Rücken, Taille und Beinen erwärmt sich auf 45° – 50° C
  • 3 Rollen an den Füßen und umlaufende Luftsäcke für die Fußreflexzonenbehandlung
  • Mehrere choreografierte Druckeinstellungen, um wunde Stellen zu behandeln
  • Vielseitige Druckeinstellungen imitieren menschliche Hände für Knet-, Klopf-, Quetsch- und Shiatsu-Massagetechniken
  • Der KI-Körperscan kann die Körpergröße für beste Behandlungsergebnisse ermitteln
  • Oberer und unterer Mechanismus können für Ganzkörper-Chirapsie synchronisiert werden
  • Liege und Fußstütze lassen sich zurücklehnen
  • Eingebaute Surround-Sound-Stereolautsprecher können eine Verbindung zu Geräten mit Bluetooth herstellen
  • USB-Anschluss und kabellose Steckdose zum Aufladen von Geräten
  • 1-Zoll-Touchscreen und Schnellsteuerungstasten auf der Armlehne können die Stuhleinstellungen ändern


Introducing the new 4D full body massage technology

The blood circulation and lymphatic system are prone to problems that can affect your daily well-being. They can make your legs feel heavy and tired, lead to fluid retention in the stomach or hips, which can lead to skin breakouts and internal discomfort. Lymphatic chirapsy is an effective treatment to combat these problems and improve beauty and well-being.

  • Strengthening the lymphatic system Strengthening the entire lymphatic system by improving the movement of lymph fluid through the body from node to node, obtaining more oxygen and nutrition for the cell to metabolize, the toxins between cells and water content can be discharged.
  • Chirapsia, the term for massage in the medical sense, refers to the precise application of pressure to the skin and tissue underneath. We use the science of artificial intelligence and 50 layers of airbags to provide a lymphatic drainage treatment that reduces water retention and removes toxins and waste products by promoting both circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Directed weight loss —- Treatment of cellulite on thighs, ankles, knees, abdomen, buttocks, hips, hump and arms: Also stimulates the muscles to contract movements, further enhancing the effect.
  • The beauty effect—-Lymphatic chirapsy can effectively help you lose weight and restore and maintain the original elasticity of the skin. Lymphatic chirapsy promotes the activity of skin cells, accelerates cell metabolism and ensures firmer skin.